The Purple Purse Challenge is LIVE!

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Okay, all, today is the day! The Purple Purse Challenge is OFFICIALLY under way, and we are so excited! As a reminder, the organization that raises the most at the end of the month wins $100,000! 2nd–5th place organizations will go home with anywhere between $50,000 and $5,000, too! Additionally (yep, there’s more!) there are weekly bonus promotions, which means more opportunities to win 💰💰💰! 

Last year, you all were so instrumental in our success, and we’re hoping that we can count on you again this year. To sweeten the deal a bit, we’ve got some great prizes, including a BarkBox subscription, baskets full of goodies from Trader Joe's and All the Best, and a slew of gift cards and certificates! We also have not one but TWO purple purses up for grabs this year. One was designed by tennis superstar (GOAT) Serena Williams, and the other was designed by THE gladiator, Kerry Washington. For every $50 donated, you’ll be entered to win one of these bags.

SWOON, right? We’re crossing our fingers for you 😊 

Okay, let’s just jump right in, shall we? This week’s bonus promotion is a good one: every $1,000 raised is one entry to win $2,500. Five organizations will win. We’d love it if you’d help us get one (or two, or ten) entries towards that $2,500! 

To help us get there, Dayna Ducey and Rory Calhoun (one of our lovely board members, and her dog, respectively) are offering up a $50 gift card to Salty's, and a year long Bark Box subscription. For every $25 donated, you’ll be entered to win each of these goodies! Two winners will be selected next week!

To donate, click on the widget below! ❤️ 

2018 Purple Purse Challenge Press Release

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Saturday, September 29, 2018
Seattle, Washington

The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge

Northwest Advocacy Foundation is thrilled to have been selected – for  the second year in a row – as a Challenge Partner for The Allstate Foundation’sPurple Purse Challenge. The purpose of this fundraising campaign is to increase public awareness around domestic violence, as well as to raise funds through Crowdrise.  

The Challenge, which coincides with National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, takes place October 2 – 31. Northwest Advocacy Foundation will be competing with over 300 other organizations to raise the most money through Crowdrise. The Challenge is split into three divisions based on operating budget. The nonprofit in each division that raises the most money will receive a $100,000 grant. Additional grants range from $50,000 for second place to $5,000 for fifth place, and there are also weekly bonus challenges. Last year, we raised over $12,000, and won over $6,000 in weekly bonus challenges, so this Challenge has proven to be huge for our organization! 

About Northwest Advocacy Foundation
Northwest Advocacy Foundation is a nonprofit legal services provider, and our focus is on helping domestic violence survivors and their children find safety and security and rebuild their lives. We help survivors with their legal matters (generally domestic violence protection orders, family law actions, and landlord/tenant disputes), and also connect them with social services providers for things like transitional housing and job training. We're a bit unique in the nonprofit world, in that we try to operate without the need for government grants (relying instead on community support, donations, and reduced client fees) so this fundraiser is a really big event for both us and the folks who rely on our services. 

How You Can Help
This Challenge continues to be a success because of people like you, supporting the work that organizations like Northwest Advocacy Foundation are doing. We appreciate and count on your continued support. While the goal of this fundraiser is to raise money, there are a few ways that you can help. 

  1. (Beginning Tuesday, October 2) Donate hereEach donation, whether it’s $10 or $10,000, makes a difference.(Note that only donations made via Crowdrise will count for this Challenge.)

  2. Follow along with us on our websiteFacebook, and Instagram,and help us get the word out! 

Thank you in advance for your support!

About Purple Purse and the Purple Purse Challenge
One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime, regardless of socioeconomic background or ethnicity. In almost all domestic violence cases, victims also experience financial abuse – meaning their abusers deny them access to money and financial resources – making it nearly impossible for them to break free. The number one reason that survivors give for remaining in or returning to abusive relationships is that they don’t have the financial resources to leave. Purple Purse was created to raise awareness about domestic violence and financial abuse, and The Allstate Foundation has invested over $50 million to do this. Last year, the Purple Purse Challenge helped domestic violence programs around the country raise over $3 million dollars.

About The Allstate Foundation
Established in 1952, The Allstate Foundation is an independent, charitable organization made possible by subsidiaries of The Allstate Corporation. Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations across the country, The Allstate Foundation brings the relationships, reputation, and resources of Allstate to support innovative and lasting solutions that enhance people's well-being and prosperity. With a focus on building financial independence for domestic violence survivors, empowering youth, and celebrating the charitable community involvement of Allstate agency owners and employees, The Allstate Foundation works to bring out the good in people's lives. 

Purple Purse Mural

Check out this Purple Purse mural in Seattle’s Capitol Hill! We are allll 😍😍😍 over @ellenpicken’s work! We love what Allstate Purple Purse + these amazing female street artists are doing to raise awareness about financial abuse. If you’re in Chicago, Houston, LA, New Orleans, NYC, or Seattle, you can see one of these murals in person. (And local folks, go check this out – 11th and Pike! 📸) Click here for more information

2018 Purple Purse Challenge!


EXCITING NEWS! We were accepted by The Allstate Foundation as a 2018 Purple Purse Challenge Partner! As many of you may recall, we participated in the Purple Purse Challenge last year, and had such a blast. We plan to kick things up a notch this year, and have so many fun things in store (including not one but TWO purple purses!). The Challenge runs the month of October, so keep your eyes peeled here for more details, as it gets closer.

2nd Annual Low Bono Conference


Today, the Low Bono Section of the Washington State Bar Association held it's second annual full-day conference. This year, the conference focused on offering unbundled services as a way to provide increased access to justice. Our very own Jessica Lewis was on hand to present about how we offer unbundled services. We often get questions about this, so Jessica is also working on a more detailed post for the site. Keep an eye on our Resources page for it!

Raffle Winner (kinda) and Thank You!

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The Purple Purse Financial Literacy Flash Fundraiser has come to an end! We know a lot of you had your eye on the prize (literally, you all wanted the purple purse). Well, it's your lucky day – the winner of the purse "donated" it to us, and asked that we raffle it off during our big fundraiser in October. So, you'll get another shot at it in a few short months! 

Thank you all so much for your support!


Financial Literacy Month Flash Fundraiser – 1 day left!

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The week-long Purple Purse Flash Fundraiser is coming to a close tomorrow morning at 9am! As a reminder:

  1. The three organizations that raise the most money in the next week will win an additional $25,000, $15,000, and $5,000, respectively;
  2. Every organization that raises at least $1,000 will be entered to win an additional $5,000; 
  3. AND! We are raffling off a beautiful envelope style purse (pictured above) that was designed by gladiator queen herself, Kerry Washington. Every donation gets a raffle entry, and the winner will be selected before the end of the week!

If you haven't yet donated, please consider clicking the "Donate Now" button at the bottom of this page, and doing so! Your donation will allow us to continue serving women and children who otherwise may not have access to legal assistance. If you aren't able to donate, we would be so appreciative if you'd share this with your network.

Thank you for your continued support! 

The Purple Purse Flash Fundraiser Starts TODAY!


The week-long Purple Purse Flash Fundraiser starts TODAY! A few quick things:

  • The three organizations that raise the most money in the next week will win an additional $25,000, $15,000, and $5,000, respectively;
  • Every organization that raises at least $1,000 will be entered to win an additional $5,000;
  • AND, we are raffling off a beautiful envelope style purse that was designed by gladiator queen herself, Kerry Washington. Every donation gets a raffle entry, and the winner will be selected late next week! 

We appreciate your support so very much. To donate, click here, or use the widget below (+ share, please ☺️)!


Financial Literacy Month

Did you know that April is Financial Literacy Month? Maybe not the most exciting topic, but certainly one of the most important ones. 

The purpose of Financial Literacy Month is to highlight the importance of economic and financial education. This is important for all of us, but especially for victims and survivors of domestic violence. As we talked about our “What is Financial Abuse” post, financial abuse is present in over 95% of domestic violence cases, and is the reason why many victims stay in or return to an abusive relationship.

In observance of Financial Literacy Month, we’ll be chatting more about financial literacy and financial abuse. Additionally, our friends at Purple Purse are hosting a week-long flash fundraiser that will run from April 17 through April 24. Be on the lookout for more details, right here 😊