The first step in working with our office is a consultation. We can't commit to taking a case (and we wouldn't recommend any individual hire an attorney) until we meet and make sure that it's a good fit for everyone. That's not to say that the consultation is simply a "meet and greet" – we'll go over your case, discuss the process and potential outcomes, and answer any questions that you may have. 

These meetings last about one hour, and the cost is $75. We can generally get you in to speak with an attorney quickly, and we also offer flexible meeting times and phone consultations. To schedule a consultation, first fill out our screening form.


The majority of the folks that we work with want and need help from an attorney, but are willing and able to handle many aspects of their case largely on their own. We offer "unbundled" services as a way to fill the gaps, and handle only the specific tasks that you request of us. This allows you to get legal advice and expertise where you most need it, without incurring the high costs often associated with full representation. Because we are only handling specified tasks, we can better estimate how many hours the task will take, and thus, how much it will cost. Some examples of unbundled services are: 

  • advice and counsel;
  • drafting court documents (including petitions, motions, declarations, responses, replies, and proposed orders);
  • reviewing documents that you've drafted;
  • filing court documents;
  • negotiating with an opposing party or counsel;
  • preparing you to represent yourself at a hearing; and
  • reviewing settlement offers


In addition to unbundled services, we also offer full representation. Full representation is where the attorney handles every aspect of the case. The benefit to this is that there is less legwork on your end, and in tumultuous times, this can be a huge relief. Because we are handling everything, this is of course the more expensive option. However, we always strive to keep costs down, and we work closely with our clients to find ways to do this.


Often times, clients will start off with unbundled services and then determine that they need more help, so they shift to full representation. The opposite is also true. In your consultation, we'll discuss all of these options and – should you chose to hire us – we'll help you determine what you likely do (and don't) need.