Week 1 Update!

7. Week 3 5000.png

Alright, all! Week 1 of the Purple Purse Challenge has come to an end. Together, we raised $3,050 – which puts us in third place for our division, and also gets us three entries to win $2,500! (Remember, every $1,000 raised earned organizations a chance to win $2,500). We'll keep you posted on that, as well as the winners of the BarkBox and Salty's gift card.

Week 2 starts NOW, and the bonus challenge is so so good, you guys: the four organizations that raise the most this week will each win $5,000!

We've got some more fun stuff for you again this week, and we're going to keep the pet theme going, cool? Our friends at All the Best donated a lovely basket with a ton of goodies for your furry friend, and we also have a $25 gift card from the best coffee shop in Seattle (Caffe Ladro, duh). Once again, for every $25 donated, you’ll be entered to win these goodies! Two winners will be selected next week!

Lastly, don't forget: every $50 donated gets you an entry to win the two fabulous purple purses, pictured below. These beauts were designed by Serena Williams and Kerry Washington, respectively. 

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