WE WON $5,000!

Week 2 5000b WIN.png

Can two be considered a streak? Because, we are pretty sure we're on a winning streak over here. Not only did we win the week 1 bonus promotion, but WE ALSO WON THE WEEK 2 BONUS PROMOTION! Thanks to you guys, last week alone, we raised just under $7,000, and WON $5,000! Amazing!

Now, let's give away some stuff, shall we? Thanks to Caffe Ladro and All the Best Pet Care, we're giving away a $25 coffee gift card and a basket full of goodies for your furry friend! Head over to our Instagram page see if you won! (And, if you are one of the lucky winners, look for an email from us!)

Thank you again so so much to everyone who donated, and congratulations to our winners! And, HUGE thanks to All the Best and Caffe Ladro for hooking us up with these goodies!