Fundraiser Update! ALL the goodies!

Last week we shared with you that in place of the Purple Purse Challenge, we'd be hosting our very own annual fundraiser ("NAF's First Fall Fundraiser" – we ❤️ alliteration). Well guess what: IT'S LIVE! We're so excited and have so much good stuff in store for you!

Now through Monday, October 7, at 9:59am (PST) we'll be giving away three $25 gift cards – two to Caffe Ladro here in Seattle, and one to Starbucks!

ALSO: thanks to our amazingly generous board member, Dayna Ducey, in addition to the smaller goodies that we're giving away every few days, we'll also be offering up a pair of tickets to the December 22 Seattle Seahawks 🏈 home game, AND a year-long Barkbox 🐶 subscription (a fan favorite last year)!

ALSO ALSO: Allstate sent us a leather purple purse, designed by GOAT, Serena Williams! Look at that thing!

How to Win

Make a donation! For the entire fundraiser (including donations made in the past few days):

  • every $250 donated will get you one entry for the Seahawks tickets; AND

  • every $150 donated will get you one entry for the Barkbox; AND

  • every $50 donated will get you one entry for the Serena Williams designed purse!

We’ll add up your total donations at the end of the fundraiser, so if you donate $50 six times, that gets you six entries for the purse, two for the Barkbox, and one for the tickets!

A Note About Incentives / Prizes / Goodies / Whatever You Want to Call Them

We always have such a fun time giving back to you guys, but we also recognize that you are donating to us to help our clients, not to pay for goodies. We totally get that. The things we're giving away have been donated to us – either by our board members or local organizations. This means that 100% of your donation is going to our legal services program. 👍