24 Hours Remaining!


Friends! There are just over 24 hours left in the Challenge, and we are so close to getting back in the top seven and winning $5,000 – $100,000. We can't tell you how much we've appreciated your support so far, but we have to ask one more time: if you haven't donated yet, please considering doing so! If you have donated, please help us spread the word (oh, and thanks for being so wonderful)!

Don't forget: all donations will receive a leather purple purse charm,and the beautiful purple purse is still up for grabs. ALSO! We'll be raffling off five $10 gift cards to the winner's choice of Amazon, Apple, Chipotle, Shell, Starbucks, Target, or Trader Joe's. Every donation $25 or more made between now and the end of the Challenge will be entered to win!

Please help us close this campaign out strong by donating + sharing!